Our Volunteers page has dropped from the Nav Bar, I have checked all the settings and tried to Re-Publish page, but to no avail. Once published from cms, going to home page the link shows on the nav bar, but then go to the website manually, and the link is missing.

Website - Voluntererdacorum.org page Volunteers.

If you try to go to the page the long route, using address volunteerdacorum.org/volunteers, it takes you to the admiin login page. This has caused users to try and register with e-voice to get access to the website, which we do not want.

Can you please help as this page is important to the Volunteer Centre, it is where users can login to VC Connect to view prospective Volunteer Jobs and also to Register their interest and view their account.

Thanking you in advance.


Have resolved issue, found the permission for public was not checked, checked it and published, page now showing in nav bar.