Posted by DaveP on

Hello Joe,

There is a thread about this on the General Support forum here but I wanted to formally put it in as a Feature Request.

I find it problematic that publishing a new item always results in a email notification to all members of the site.

There are many circumstances where this is undesirable, particularly if one is making significant structural changes to a site and also if one is adding information that might be considered background rather than "must-see" content. For example we recently wanted to post multiple write-ups from our book group to their discussion forum but did not want each (or indeed any) to be notified.

From the responses to the above link I think that there would be general support for this feature.

All we really need is a "Publish without email" button or checkbox. As a quick hack could there be a way of temporarily disabling notifications for the whole site?

Many thanks



Posted by Together in the Community on

I agree with Dave, this is a problem, a publish without notification option would be a very useful feature.


Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

This would be ever so useful.  I have just taken responsibilty for the upgrade of a website and I didn't realise that emails were being sent out to all members as I upgraded the site. (As I was creating the pages I wasn't copied in so I was oblivious to what was happening).

Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Hi All,

I agree it would be useful when making major re-writes downside is remebering when to turn it all back on again.

An alternative is send an email to everyone on registered on the website and tell them you are making changes. Perhaps that will wake people up to it and look at it again. Might also be a chance to get input from people on the changes being made.

I have two email accounts on the system one as admin one not so I see what everyone else sees.....