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I am finding it increasingly diffiult to set the spacing between lines or between separate items on the web site - usually defined by lines in a table.  I end up with surplus space which I cannot delete in the usual ways. Any suggestions?

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Hi Roger, 


You should be able to delete additional lines in the Editor window, however perhaps some of the lines are formatted as a Heading? - which would take up slightly more space than a paragraph break as they're usually in a bigger font size?


I usually check line spacing by looking at the HTML. This can be a little daunting if you're not familiar with HTML code, but it can help you to understand what's going on. 

For example, on our page '5 ways finding volunteers just got easier'  here is the first few lines of code I see:

<h1>5 ways finding volunteers just got easier</h1>
<p>It&rsquo;s been just under 2 years since we launched our free online volunteer recruitment platform Volunteer Connect, and it&rsquo;s encouraging that so many of you are using it to promote your opportunities.</p>

First, the <h1> tags around the title just tell the browser of the reader to format it in a particular font size, color, font weight etc.  - you usually select Header 1 in the drop down menu on the Editor.

Everything within a <p> and </p> tag is a paragraph.

You can see that in the first paragraph is written &nbsp; - this is just code for non-breaking space, which means that the only thing this paragraph contains is a space. This is equivalent to a line break.

If you look at your HTML code (and it doesn't scare you too much!) you might find that instead of <p>&nbsp;</p> you have multiple of them - in which case just delete one or two.

You might also find that you have <h1>&nbsp;</h1> instead - which is actually just ONE line but where the space is much bigger font-size. If this is the case, then just overwrite the line to <p>&nbsp;</p>

Hope that helps and doesn't confuse - as I said that's how I do it, but there may be a simpler way?


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I neglected to state that in order to look at the HTML code you just click on the little button in the editor that says HTML, when you hover over it with your mouse it will say 'Edit HTML source' in a little pop-up.

Once you've edited the HTML click Update.

If you make a mistake and delete a bunch of text, just hit the back arrow in the Editor.

It might make the HTML code a little less daunting if you uncheck the 'Word wrap' checkbox in the top-right of the HTML source editor window - this effectively puts every tag (e.g. heading, paragraph, etc) onto a separate line.

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One other thing, Roger.


If you're talking about the space between different includelets on a page, then I get frustrated with the same thing too. For example if I add a contact form after a blog article there's slightly too much padding. If I add an includelet in the right hand column, it never aligns properly with the body of the text (or the title)


I'm not sure how to fix that...maybe Joe can help?