8: Re: Renaming a page (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

If you change the title of a page the URL will not change, so that other pages that link to it don't end up with broken links. (there's no way for the system to automatically change all pages that link to another page on your site).

However, if you're sure you want to change the URL of a page then there is a simple trick to do so.

First unpublish the page (click on "Take offline now" from the Publishing tab).

Then, go back to the Edit tab and change the Menu Title to your new page, and click Save and Publish.

The URL will now be updated to match the new Menu Title.

So in short:

  • Changing Menu Title of a Published page just chages the title.
  • Changing Menu Title of an Unpublished page will change the URL and the title.

If the page appears in any automatically generated lists (includelets and menus etc) then the new URL will automatically be used. However if you have linked to it directly from content on your site then you will need to manually update the links to the new URL.


Joe - Voice Admin