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Hi, I'm a new user and hope that someone can help me!

Finding my way around the system, so far so good.  I have added an email address to my account.  But when it appears on the web page it is one character short.  It hasn't cut the last character but dropped one from the middle.  It doesn't seem to be a display fault since when you click on the address on the webpage an open email is configured, showing the wrong email address.  Help!

Thanks in advance

Phil Grace

2: Re: email address (response to 1)
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Hi Phil,

Are you talking about an email address on the "Website Details" tab ( where you set the postal address, phone, email etc? Or did you add the email on a normal web page?

If its the first one (Website Details) you can go where you originally set it and edit the email address.

Of course a normal page can be edited too (after publishing) and amend your email address etc