Posted by RichardG on

Hi Joe,

Just to let you know I've tried both of the suggested themes and will go for the Bootstrap Theme. Just one thing I've been wanting to ask, would it be possible in the Photo Album to display a picture at the full screen instead of the reduced size now being used. I remember when we first used the Voice website if I double clicked a picture it would display at whatever resolution it was uploaded at and could also be downloaded at the same resolution. But full screen would be great if possible.


Richard Green

Posted by Voice Admin on

I've updated your photo album settings so that clicking a photo now shows the full size image - though this is still within the viewer pane (with menu etc visible).

We could do something better here - e.g., we could ensure the image is full width of the normal page by default (rather than 800x600 max), then clicking the image could view it full size.

What do you think?