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Newby help needed.

I am using Bootstrap yeti theme and want to remove the request sign up option from the bottom nav bar, as we do not want members of the public linking in this way, we have our own methods within the website. Do we just need to add a revised css file, if so which classes need to be changed? we want to keep the search form on the right of the nav bar, but get rid of the link on the left.

Thanks in advance.


Brian Larkin

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It's to do with the Membership Policy of your website. If you have a site that does not allow users to join the site then the sign up/join button will not appear.

You can change the Membersip Policy by going to the admin settings for your site, then Users & Permissions, then Membership Policy.

Set it to Private (invitation only) if you don't want people joining or signing up for your site.

There's a bit more about Membership Policy in the documentation here.


Joe - Voice Admin