One of my photos on River Crane Sancutuary site home page has been overlaid with a Daimler picture/advert.  How can it be removed please as worried other photos will also be corrupted?






Posted by Voice Admin on

I assume this is a flickr thing and nothing directly to do with Voice - since you're using a flickr script to display the image.

If you wanted, you could always upload the image into the Assets Library of your Voice site and use that on your homepage instead, to remove the dependency on flickr.

If you do want to continue using flickr I recommend using https rather than http in the URL for the flickr script, as currently if you access your site using https then it won't load the script, since it uses http.

Or, better still, refer to the script without any http or https protocol, like this:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

That way, the browser will use the same protocol that your site is using, and should always work as intended!


Joe - Voice Admin