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Hi all,

You may have noticed that some browsers now give you a security warning when you log into your Voice site. This is because Voice doesn't use https to secure the connection between the server and your browser.

Using https for Voice isn't easy, because the https certificates are issued to the domain name, and voice site owners are free to use their own domain names with their sites, and to change them at any time.

This means that the only way we could secure it is if site owners get their own certificates (which is a complex process), or if Voice gets a certificate for you whenever you add a new domain to your site.

I'm pleased to announce that this latter system will be rolled out onto the Voice server in the next few weeks. We will automatically register a certificate for any domain names that you are using for your sites, and renew them automatically when needed. This is a completely transparent process for you - it'll happen without needing to do anything.

Initially we will only browsers to use https when they log into Voice. (i.e., if you are using https and click on the login button, you will be redirected to https). We may in the future always redirect all visitors to an https URL - we'll see how it goes.

After this change, you will no longer see any security warnings when you log into your site. It also means all traffic to and from the server will be encrypted. And it may also mean that sites get a boost in the ranking in search engines, as they tend to favour secure sites.


Joe - Voice Admin