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Hi all, 

I have a query about a site historically built with e-voice (wasn't built by me so unsure of the best way to proceed). The site is and the issue is to do with the child pages not showing automatically in the URL bar. 

So for example if you manually added it would work, but if you navigate to the page from anywhere else on the site, the main URL of will stay. 

This makes it very tricky for users to re-navigate to specific areas of the site. 

Would anyone know how to resolve this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

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It looks like you've figured it out now. The reason (in case it is of interest to others) is that you had set up to be a frameset containing your site on voice, rather than configuring the DNS of to point directly to the e-voice server.

In the former situation, the URL doesn't change when you navigate because the navigation only affects what's displayed inside the frame, not what's inside the main browser window.

In the latter case, providing you have configured your site to use your chosen domain in the site settings, then you simply point your domain to the voice server using DNS and Voice does the rest.

This also means that Voice will use your domain in the A-Z index, and redirect anyone visiting your site on the domain to your personal domain name.


Joe - Voice Admin