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I replaced an image with a corrected version, but after adding the new version to our website pages, the old one (with mistake) is still showing.  Tried deleting the old one from all pages and assets library, re-uploading new one and reinserting on pages. But the old image is still showing on the pages, even though the new one is in the assets library.  Seems like a bug - can you help me fix it please? The website is and the image is Flier Messiah 2016-12, used on the Home and Next Concert pages. Thanks

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Sorry I should have explained that the difference between the two images is the postcode - it should read TW11 not TW1.

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It's showing TW11 when I look at it. :-)

Probably your browser has just cached the wrong version. If you do a force reload then hopefully it'll show the correct one.

A common solution to preventing this happening is that instead of replacing the image, add a new image with a new URL then change the page to refer to the new one. That way all browsers will be forced to get the new one rather than showing a cached copy.