Posted by Peter M on

When I try to cut & paste text from a word document into a new event, all the text appears with each line on top of the other. hence unreadable.

Any answers to this problem?

Posted by Voice Admin on

Sorry for the slow reply. There's no great solution to the cut and paste problem - because Word adds all sorts of weird HTML to the content when pasting and it tends to mess things up.

The surest way to get it to work is to make sure you are pasting plain text only, then format it in the WYSIWYG as you see fit.

One easy way to do this is to paste from word into a text editor, like Notepad. Then cut from Notepad and put that into your event.




Posted by SVH_Webmin on

The editor does have an option to paste in from Word.

This is the W on the lower row of buttons,

For longer documents I personally prefer Notepad++ its much better editing.

The editor is ver 3.5 of - one below but it seems to work well.

Try to avoid complex formating or unusual fonts as they may not come across onto the web.