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What is the purpose of the Teaser box that appears in the editor. For some pages. Can I get rid of it?

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The teaser box is intended to give a very short summary of what a certain page is about, which is extremely useful if you have a parent page listing all of the sub-pages below it. If you just listed the titles of the sub pages, it wouldn't give your visitors enough information to know what they are about.

Essentially, therefore, the teaser box enables you to create pages that are a bit like a Contents or Index page.

We use it on our website for our blog ( The parent page lists all possible blog articles available (or limits it to a certain number e.g. the most recent) and allows users to search via the keywords which we've assigned to each blog. The page shows the Title of each article, the Teaser, the related image and various other details like date, categories, etc, as well as letting people click to 'Read more'. The teaser box is our opportunity to succinctly tell our users what they will be reading about if they click through - or even to just include the opening couple of sentences of the blog to get people intrigued enough to click through.

Your site may not be set up to use this function, but if the Teaser box was removed for you, I'm pretty sure it would have to be removed for all users - and we want it to stay please!


Matt Little - Volunteer Centre Sutton