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Hi there,

Our e-voice site is presently members-only by invite, as we want it to be a benefit of paying for membership of our organisation.

It would be nice to have a public home page though, as a taster of the site, for those who may be interested in becoming members or using the site.

I did a trial 'public page' by creating a new page and changing the permissions, which worked fine - but then I thought actually why don't I just make the home page public. However I don't seem to be able to find this option as there is no permissions tab for the home page.

When editing the page it says use this URL for the public, but if I log out and use the URL, it just redirects to the e-voice login page.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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You can certainly do what you want. That is how our site bracondaleresidentsassociation runs.

I think that you have to go to Users & Permissions, Permissions and sharing and make the site publically readable and then check that all your private pages are members only.

Hope that this helps


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Yes I agree with Dave ours is the same. The home page is seen by everyone and once registered they login and can see the whole site. Also by setting the permissions for each of the lements on the home page you can change what that looks like depending on whether your a public visitor or a registered user.


Hope that makes sense

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The previous answers are correct - while you can't set the permission on the homepage, you can set it on sections and applications within the site.

Setting something as being readable only by site members will mean that it can't be viewed by non-members, and will only show in the site navigation for members.

Another option is to set up a "private area" of the site, which gives you essentially another entire set of apps and content management, for a site within your site, which can have entirely different permissions and users to the main site. So in this case you could use this as a members only section of your website.

To do this, go to the Applications page, and create a Private Area.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Thanks everyone!