Posted by DaveP on


When I edit a normal already existing page and "Save and Publish" no notification goes out to my members.

However when I modify an existing FAQ answer it generates an email. This is especially irritating as there is no preview button and in any case I should be able to make trivial changes without notifying my membership. I am not sure that even adding and FAQ entry should generate a notification.

I am getting frustrated with the whole notification policy for the system as emails are going out to the membership that have no relevance to them, I am concerned that some will start ignoring notifications from the site or else turning them off all together.

I think that the behavour of FAQ is a bug as it is inconsistant with the rest of the site. However I would also like to put in a feature request for a "Save and Publish without Notification" button when creating a normal page.

Many thanks


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Dave,

I realise this is a reply to a very very old question, but as you may know development of Voice was minimal for some time, though now we have some funding and so things are moving on!

You'll be pleased to know that there's now an option to add new FAQs without notifying your members, among a load of other improvements to the FAQ app.


Joe - Voice Admin