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I'm still in the process of creating the website but when I upload a picture it occupies the whole screen but would rather a selection of pictures per page.

How do I resize images uploaded please?

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I now realise you have to upload images into asset library so pictures are now of regular size.

Could I now ask for help in rotating images after uploading as several of them are appearing in asset library sideways.

Also how do I place borders around the images to enhance screen appearance?

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, the web-site development tools don't include a photo editing facility, so you will need to resize and add drop-shadows, as required BEFORE you up-load the image. Fortunately, this is very straightforward, using on-line or free to download editing packages. I would suggest for the on-line option, or for a very much more sophisticated package, which is free to download.

Pixlr is reasonably intuitive, but Gimp has a steep learning curve. Fortunately, both Pixlr and Gimp are well served by Youtube tutorials. The basics like image resizing should be intuitive, but drop-shadows are more complicated. This is where Youtube comes to the rescue; however, you may find the tutorial assumes knowledge you don't have initially. So you will need to work through a number of basis beginner tutorials before getting it right. Don't give up it's great fun, and will finally, give you a great sense of achievement.

Allen Parker

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Thank you very much Allen

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I hope your reply to Allen was helpful.  However, I am now in the process of re-sizing some photo's in Gimp to insert to my E-Voice web pages.  Could you tell me what size - width & Height (Pixels) I need to create a picture that goes across each web page and about 3 - 4 inches deep?  I am using the Modern Theme.

Thank you

Ann Crago