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I've created a form and I need it to dispaly on our "Contact Us" page. The documentation states:

Before a form can be filled in you must enable it. To do this go to the list of forms in the application's administration pages and click the Enable button.

You must then cut and paste the URL from the Published URL section into a link on a content page.

But how do I do this??

The form URL is:

How do I get this into the page so that the visitor sees the form and not a URL that I have simply pasted into it??


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The Form Builder displays a list of your forms with their URLs. Copy the one you want with a standard select and Ctrl-C.

Then start editing the content into which you want to insert the form link and select the text that you want to link to the form eg "this form". You should then see a button with a chain link icon appear above. Click this and then paste your URL into the URL field of the dialog with Ctrl-V.

That should do the trick.

Good luck


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Thank you Dave. I did as you suggested but it created a hyperlink to the form page. What I want to achieve is have the form on this actual page:-

This is the form page URL:-

Is it possible to replace the first URL witth the second, or is there another way to configure this?


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I'm afraid that, no, there isn't a way to embed a Form Builder form onto a CMS page.

However, for your site I think there is a simpler and better solution. If what you want is a "contact us" form, then you can use the Email Contact Form includelet on any CMS page, and you don't need to use the Form Builder at all.

Here's an example of it in use:

Just go to the Layout tab for your Contact Us page in the CMS, and add the includelet to the page.

I hope that helps!

Joe - Voice Admin

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Thank you Joe. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve Smile