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Every so often I would like to embed an email link in a page to enable an individual to be contacted on a particular topic.

I can easily insert an address but I have concerns about bots scraping web pages for email addresses to spam. I would thus prefer to have the address hidden away somewhere within the CMS and I cannot find a way of doing this completely.

I know that I can do something with forms and already use that facility but for what I have in mind it would mean creating a form and associating an email address for each email link. Even then then the subject line would not be passed through.

I was wondering if it might be possible to implement a new type of link that emailed a site user. When creating this link one would select a recipient from a list of site users (names or nicknames). Clicking the link would then present a standard email entry form to capture thesender's email, subject and text and send it to the recipient without exposing their address. I imaging that the link would embed a numeric user identifier to securely identify the recipient.

Alternatively one might have a separate email address list unconnected from site users. This would enable emails to be sent to people who are not site users. Perhaps by creating a contact list as a new type of asset. 

I am not sure how much development resource there is for Voice but this would certainly be of value to me. 

Have I missed an obvious solution to my problem or has someone found a clever workaround?

Many thanks