4: Re: non-free Javascript (response to 2)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I don't think realistically you're going to be able to unblock this - since the site "legitimately" uses some non-free JavaScript.

Though, to be honest, I don't really see that this is a problem. If LibreJS users want to block the JavaScript then the site should still work properly I think. The things like the Twitter Sharing widget, and Google Analytics won't work, but I assume that's the entire point of running LibreJS, that you don't want these things running in your browser!

Note also that some of the blocked items are things that have been added to the site by the site administrators - not by us. The Twitter button for example.

For the most part the site has been designed to work properly without any JavaScript at all. So if users do want to disable it then I guess that's up to them! :-)

(Though I note that, yes, it's difficult to format forum posts without the WYSIWYG editor being loaded. Though since this uses TinyMCE, which is licenced under the LGPL, then I'm not really sure why LibreJS is complaining about it!)


Joe - Voice Admin