I can't see how one asks for e-mail notifications whenever someone posts to a discussion. It is referred to in the help files, but I can't see the 'drop down' that it talks about.

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I can see what Pauline means. The Notifications section of the document on Discussion Groups seems to say that individuals can subscribe or unsubscribe from individual threads.

The current approach, as I understand it, is that all notifications for a site are on or off for each user. This seems far to coarse a filter. Ideally I would like users to be able to unsubscribe from particular discussion threads or at least discussions seperately from other site notifications.


You're right, but the "bug" is actually in the documentation. It used to be the case that you would manage notifications for different things from different pages around the site.

e.g., for discussions notifications you'd have to go into the discussions and turn on on a per-discussion basis.

This old system became rather complicated rather quickly, especially if users are members of several sites. It also isn't always appropriate, as some things that could cause a notification don't necessarily have logical page that you'd go to to configure this.

This is why we brought all the notification management together onto the Email Preferences page.

While this does mean that users don't get the same fine control over which things they get emails for, on the whole we believe this new system is more useful and understandable for the majority of users.


Joe - Voice Admin

We've invited members to our site and one or two have registered started discussions on our site, but then they don't get notifications of responses made from our site. We sent out an email re a survey and no-one came back to us. Even staff members who have signed up didn't get it.