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I am setting up a new website, Norfolk scouts Compass. I want to make it look more scout branded. Is there a way I can change the font colour of the website title?

I can also use a custom RSS. There is a custom theme called I scout 4 wordpress, is this a custom theme I could use?

Many thanks




2: Re: Custom themes (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

You can do this with custom CSS, using the same method as I just explained for setting the background colour of the Modern theme.

Though, in your case, the bit of CSS you want is to change the main header colour. So something like this should do the trick: {
  color: #ffee11;

(that will be a rather garish yellow, so change the #ffee11 bit to a more suitable colour code for your site!)

Regarding your other question - no I'm afraid you can't use external custom themes on your Voice site - only the existing built in themes.



3: Re: Custom themes (response to 2)
Posted by SOFRA on

I, too, want to change the font colour of the website title from black to yellow.  I have tried adding a line to the .css file as follows: { color: #ffcc00; }


but the font colour of the website title remains black.  Please can you help? 




4: Re: Custom themes (response to 3)
Posted by SOFRA on

When I looked at the website today - the website title is now yellow.  Great!  An overnight transformation!

5: Re: Custom themes (response to 4)
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Hmm, maybe it was a cache thing - the css file either in your browser cache or in our cache (we run a cache in front of the Voice servers to make things faster under high load).

Is it a reprodudible problem for you? (or anyone else?) where changing the custom css doesn't straight away have any effect?



6: Re: Custom themes (response to 5)
Posted by SOFRA on

It happens about 3 out of 5 times.  Now I know that this happens, I know to wait a bit to see the results of a change to the custom .css file.