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Hi we have been having issues with some members not being able to access the website or just certain sections of the website.

As a newby to this kind of technology I thought it would be a good idea to cancell their access and start the process a fresh.

Although these members nolonger apper on my membership list when they try to reapply the website tells them that their email address already exists.

How is this possible when they are not on the membership list?

What can I do to fix this problem?

Thank you

2: Re: Membership Problems (response to 1)
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Hi Joy,

The Voice system has loads of websites, and the idea is that users can be a member of Voice, and then independently become members of individual sites within the system.

So, although these members are not in your site's list, they are probably already members of Voice, which is why the site says that they can't join again.

Because your site is configured to have a private membership (users require an invitation), the way to get them onto your site is to go to the Users & Permissions page, and at the bottom of the list of members click the "Invite others to join" link.

You can add their names/email addresses on this page.

The invited users will be sent an email asking if they want to join your site, with some instructions of how to do so. If they are already users of Voice they they will just have to click a link to join your site. If they are not already Voice users then they'll have to register.

I hope this helps, and sorry for the incredibly slow reply! I'll be faster next time...

Joe - Voice Admin