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Is there a way of changing the default calendar view from list to week or month so it automatically opens up in the selected view?



2: Re: Default calendar view (response to 1)
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Unfortunately not - the "list" view as default is hard wired into the code at present, with no user-configurable option. (which means that if I change it, then it would change for all sites, which might upset some groups!)

I will look at adding this as a config option, but it is unlikely to happen urgently!

In the meantime, the only real option is to create a link to your calendar where the required view is selected. E.g., link to

What you could do is to hide the normal Vilage Calendar link from the menu, and add in a new Redirect using the CMS that takes people to the calendar in the required view, and put this into the menu instead.

The only disadvantage of this is that the link won't be highlighted in the menu when you are actually in the calendar, but maybe it's a reasonable solution for the meantime!


Joe - Voice Admin