Posted by Durham Rug Makers on

Sub-menu has appeared on Google. I like this - it's great but three of the items have text from the Home Page rather than the relevant page. Is there any way I can correct this to display the correct text?

You also sent a message that there were broken links but when i clicked on the provided link the site reported no broken links. Is this ok?

Posted by Voice Admin on

There's nothing we can do to directly control the links on Google, I don't think. Though can you be more specific and I could have a look into it and see if I can suggest anything.

i.e., can you let me know what I need to search for, what I will currently see, and what you think you would like to see!

Regarding the broken link report - yes sometimes the system finds links and warns you about them, but in actual fact the link works fine. This is because some websites block our link-checker, but work fine for "real" browsers. Unfortunately not much we can do about this.


Joe - Voice Admin