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I just checked all the discussions and they all seem to have "Post a new message" buttons - is this working fine for you too, or is there a problem I haven't spotted?

I have checked for users who are members of your site, as well as those who are not.

Note that the choice of theme won't have any affect on whether this button exists. The permission settings are all you need to change - which you have done.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Deltaman on

I am having a lot of trouble, Joe.

I wish to create a new title 'News Links' whereby members can upload a headline and the respective url link on a page and I would like the new one to sit on the top so that the older scrolls down.

 I can can create a new folder to do that  however, when it comes to permissions I am restricted to just one column. = 'READ'. There is no Contribute nor Moderate nor Admin Columns available. What am I doing wrong?


Cheers. Terry.

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You aren't doing anything wrong - you can't grant contribute rights to an individual CMS page. It's something we've long thought would be good, but the main problem is that to edit a page you need to be able to access the admin panel for the site, which means a user needs to be a full administrator.

Hence there's no system in the CMS, currently, to have a user who can edit a page who isn't an admin of the entire site.

So - what I would probably recommend is that you use the weblog with permissions set so that members can contribute.

Then, rather than just submitting a link, they can add a link and bit of description/etc too.

For more info see: