Posted by Noel on

I was previously able to upload pdf files to the documents section of the assets library, but can no longer do this. The server begins the upload process, then - after several seconds - displays the message...

"There was a server error processing your request. We apologize."

Any assisance would be appreciated.



Posted by Voice Admin on

It seems your computer is trying to upload the PDF as a generic "downloaded file" file type, rather than as a PDF.

Try renaming the file to ensure it has a .pdf file extension and try again.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Noel on

Hi Joe,

I've only just managed to try uploading from a different computer - and the upload was fine.

Thanks for the info re my computer. I've tried renaming - in all instances it gives the file extension as .pdf prior to upload; intended uploads always open as pdfs when I check them on my computer just prior to uploading; the asset library interface gives .pdf as the upload file just before I press 'Save and Publish.'

My computer seems to changes its mind at the very last moment, lol!

The files upload as pdfs elsewhere on the cloud; I can host them elsewhere and hyperlink.