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On 2nd September our site (Ellerton & Aughton Village Website) had numerous accesses from loft**** & loft****  On researching I find that these are sites are regularly used for downloading malware to host servers/pc.  Are we ok?



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There's nothing to worry about here. Our servers are quite safe.

Generally speaking there's not a lot of bad stuff that a malicious system can do to a Voice site. We have quite a lot of anti-spambot measures in place, including (but not limited to):

  • Checking the IP address of visitors against blacklists of known spammers.
  • Preventing URLs being posted in any forms by anonymous users.
  • Ensuring all email addresses used are from valid domains.
  • Blocking IP addresses that repeatedly behave in a suspicious way.

Furthermore, because we are not using one of the "standard" CMS systems such as Wordpress or Drupal, there are much fewer known explotable attacks that can be used against the system.


Joe - Voice Admin