BT of course blames your hosting.


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OK - but I can't meaningfully help without any further details. e.g.,

  • Uploading files to where?
  • Do you get an error message or do they just fail without explanation?
  • Does it fail immediately or does it seem to upload for a while before giving up?
  • Do they all fail, or are some OK?
  • If some succeed and some fail, is there anything obviously different between them? e.g., maybe small files are OK but large files fail? Or maybe some types of files work OK but others do not?
  • If you retry a file that has failed, does it sometimes work again?

Any information you can provide could be useful. I am, as ever, not a mind reader :-)


Joe - Voice Admin

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All files, large or small, get this message

This page can’t be displayed

•Make sure that the web address is correct. •Look for the page with your search engine. •Refresh the page in a few minutes.

 Fix connection problems

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I though I had better check.


1k files load fine.

40k fails.