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I regularly post news items with details of upcoming events etc. as well as information articles and I have an includelet on the main page giving the snippet.  For a normal information item I leave it on a month then the snippet disappears but the item remains on the News page.

If my item is about an event I have been setting a schedule to remove the snippet the day after the event however the full item is then taken offline and disappears from the News page.

I need to be able to remove the snippet from the includelet but leave the historical article on the News page - is there a way of doing this?


2: Re: News Items (response to 1)
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The Latest News includelet is responsible for adding these to your site's homepage. There is no way to tell this includelet specifically which news items you want on your site - rather it picks out all pages of type "News Story" and displays the most recent ones.

You can configure how new items need to be to show in the includelet by setting the Time Period in the includelet configuration. News Stories older than this configured time will not be shown.

If you need to be able to choose precisely which stories are shown on the front page then you should remove the Latest News includelet and try the Item List includelet instead. You can use this to manage a set of links to pages which will display as a list. From the Item List includelet config click the "Add Internal Link" button, then from the popup window click "Select Item" under "Internal Item" which lets you select a page to add to the list. You can keep adding pages in this way, and reordering them as you see fit.

(or, you can use the Custom includelet to make the links to your chosen pages using the WYSIWYG editor)

More information on includelets is available in the documentation here.



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I think I maybe didn't explain myself very well last time.

I do want all the news items I create to be shown on my main home page via the includelet.  The timescale for showing them on my home page is 1 month - snippets then disappear from the home page but the item remains accessible on the news page.  However if I set a 'schedule' so that the snippet is removed from the home page on a certain date the news item is taken totally offline and is removed also from the news page.

I need to be able to keep the historical item on the news page.

Hope this makes sense.




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There's no way to independently control what is shown in the Latest News includelet, and so yes, as you say, if you set up a schedule to "unpublish" an item then it will remove it completely from the site.

One option would be to use the Item List includelet to choose explicitly which items you want highlighted on the front page, though this would require you to manually edit this every time you had a new news story you wanted to show.

I can't think of any way in the system to have an individually configurable schedule to remove items from an includelet that doesn't also unpublish the file.


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