4: Re: Reports Section (response to 3)
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It's physically quite possible - sites on Voice can cope with an awful lot more traffic than that before the laws of physics get in the way ;-)

(Our record for an individual Voice site is somewhere in the region of 360,000 hits in one day, from 20,000 visitors, and still there was plenty of capacity left)

Though yes, looking at the stats for your site I see a lot of visits from an IP address in the bezeqint.net domain. Looking in more detail in the logs this appears to be an automated attempt to try to register new users and to post feedback onto your site. (via the Log In link at the top of the page, and Feedback link in the footer)

By the looks of it no users were created and no meaningless feedback sent, so it seems the attack was essentially futile.

It is a common tactic of spammers to attempt to register for sites to post data to them, with the main intention of creating links on a site pointing to malware or other dodgy sites. The main target for spammers is generally forums or blogs, but they aren't very intelligent so will basically try submitting data to any form they see in the hope that it ends up creating some page content with links in it.

The Voice site is pretty resilient to this, as (among other things) we block known spam-bot IP addresses, have a multi-page registration form with input validation, and prevent anonymous users from posting any data with links in it. As a result, so far we have been largely unaffected by significant spam problems. (though we remain vigilant!)


Joe - Voice Admin