Hi Jo

Many thanks for the info on the new themes.

Our site, www.birminghamsme.com is currently using the, brown menu with spotted grey tab, theme and we would like to stay with that if possible, in order not to confuse our members.

Which are the themes likely to be deleted?

What will happen to our site if our existing theme is deleted and we do nothing?

Is it simply a case of clicking on an alternative theme and the site switches instantly, or is there more to it than that?

Whilst I am webmaster for the site, I have to say that my work is almost exclusively limited to editing the content rather than the site design, so any help that you can offer would be much appreciated.

Best regards - Ken Toone - Webmaster for Birmingham SME Ltd.

2: Re: Updated Themes (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

The themes which we will be keeping on Voice are:

  • Modern
  • Bootstrap
  • DarkTones
  • Playtime

All the others will be discontinued. This will mean that sites will no longer be able to move to one of the old themes, though sites that are already using one of the old ones can keep using it if they really want to.

However, we strongly recommend that you switch to Modern or Bootstrap, both of which have lots of colour and layout options available to them, as well as working really well on mobile/tablet devices.

Regarding the switching process - yes, you simply have to select the new theme from the Look and Feel options for your site, no other changes need to be made. You can also play with the theme options (such as colour, and menu position) to adjust your site until you are happy with it.

If any site owners want to try out the new themes in a test environment without affecting their live site then please email admin@e-voice.org.uk and we will let you know how to do this.


Joe - Voice Admin

3: Re: Updated Themes (response to 2)
Posted by Birmingham Society of Model Engineers Ltd on

Hi Jo

Many thanks for the info on the discontinued themes.

We would like to tryout one or two of the new themes, without the result appearing on the web.

Can you please advise the procedure?

Many thanks.

Ken Toone - Webmaster for Birmingham SME Ltd.