site search for 'your place space' gives this as one of the entries


not something normaly visible on the site and not readable now.

Please can you give me further information to help me identify the problem? For example:

  • Which folder is/was the file in?
  • Whey you say "not normally visible" is that because you've deleted the file/folder, or some other reason?


Joe - Voice Admin

Of coursde the file was deleted long ago, where from I do not recollect.

Your 'internal function' files are the only remains.


Um, the file isn't deleted, it's right here in the Working folder.

The file in question is 20140325_Your_Place_-_Your_Space_Notes.doc

Joe - Voice Admin

Sorry, I could not find it, I assumed it was.

Please do a search, as i did (you place space) and could you tell me why (when I click on the link offered in the result) I cannot view the file?