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I have successfully created a site for our village hall which looks great but suddenly, the whole site and this page I am writing on has become very small.  I can hardly read this as I write it.  The website seems to have shifted to the left and is not very easy to read.  Have I touched something?

I am interested in any thoughts... if I can read it!



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Possibly you have altered the font size in your browser by hitting Control minus. Try Control + to see what happens

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Thanks, Len I shall try that but I am now thinking that I have iPad or mobile site on the computer as there is no problem on the tablet. It is the whole site, including e-voice help pages and forum site.

any ideas on this?


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Hi Len.  Thank you so much, Control + has worked! Only just had a minute to try it.  Thanks again.  Michele

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Hi, looks like you've already found the solution, and that you had accidentally zoomed out of the site using your browser settings.

Most browsers use the same keyboard shortcuts to set the zoom. ctrl - to zoom out, ctrl + to zoom in and ctrl 0 to reset to normal zoom level. If you're using a Mac press the cmd key rather than ctrl.

(Or look for Zoom in the View menu!)


Joe - Voice Admin