We have a member who successfully registered with our site, but for whom, afterwards, there was some confusion regarding the login process. I thought the easiest solution was to ‘remove’ their details from the Members tab of Users and Permissions, re-issue the membership invite, and enter the details myself. When I tried to enter the same login email address the person used, the system wouldn’t permit registration, on the grounds that the email address was already being used.

It’s important that the person can login with the same email address they originally used.

I’d appreciate your advice regarding this.



Being a user on Voice and being a member of an individual site are independent from one another.

So it should be the case that the person in question can still log into Voice just fine (if they have forgotten their password the system can email them a new one).

Independently of that, since you know their email address, you should be able to invite them to be a member of your site from the Members page. They will receive an email with a link in it to confirm that they want to join your site.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Thanks, Joe.