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Hi all,

Since the release of the Modern theme, there have been some further updates to it.

There is now a responsive Sharing widget that you can enable, that appears at the right of the site in desktop browsers and at the bottom on mobiles.

There is now also more configuration options available for the theme, including the ability to set the header and body fonts throughout your site, and adding custom HTML into the site footer.

Finally there have been some fixes so that the theme should now work much better in Internet Explorer 8. (note that it still will not work in versions of IE older than 8)

Documentation for the theme is available here.


Joe - Voice Admin

2: Re: Modern Theme Updates (response to 1)
Posted by Felix on

Congratulations on the Modern theme, and the new Bootstrap one.


I remember reading somewhere that you were considering allowing access to your development server when the second new responsive theme was launched.  We are keen to change our site (Tewin Village) to one of the new themes, but would dearly love to be able to have a play first.  Would this be possible?

A temporary, limited access, site would also do the trick if that was acceptable.



Felicia Green

3: Re: Modern Theme Updates (response to 2)
Posted by Felix on

OK, we went ahead and implemented a Bootstrap theme, so please ignore this request.