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You misunderstood my point.

Without having logged in properly or not.

Why does one lace produce an error report and another the route to the cure?


Posted by Voice Admin on

Hi Andrew,

I'm not sure at this stage whether there is a problem or not with the error page. If you could let me know the name of the file you were trying to delete I can then go through the process logged in, with a stale log in, and logged out and see what happens so we can address this correctly. 


Rob Denison.

Posted by MSERA Secretary on

I think I am logged in, it offers me the option to delete in the normal folder view for an administrator, yet when I tick the box to delete the file and hit delete, I sometimes get the error report, file not available to delete, not logged in.

Without logging in, I go to the properties of the same file, and try to delete from there. It does not offer the error report, it offers the log in screen.

Why cannot both offer the log in screen?

I cannot give you a file to test, I have deleted it.

I do not know a circumstance to tell you, it seems random.

I run a lot of screens and open windows, so coud have been logged out on a different windows, but I doubt that. Having got the error report, moving about within the same window, not logged in, how can I access properties!?