Posted by Stephen Watson on

Is there a way to upload a .doc file and then include it in a News story so that it will open in the user's word processor? When I tried this, Windows didn't know how to open the file. I tried using a file name ending in .doc but it gets changed to -doc.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your question. We are currently aware of an issue with the the dotCommunity CMS that files are being downloaded with incorrect file names and file types meaning that browsers are not able to open documents with the correct application. 

We have this in our development roadmap and the issue will be addressed in due course.


Rob Denison.

Posted by josi51 on

I convert all my Word files ('save as' in Word) to .pdf files.  Having had problems with users who don't have Word and couldn't open the documents, all of them can now see the files.