3: Re: Facebook feed (response to 2)
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Adding your Facebook URL just adds a link to your page - there is no functionality in Voice to automatically import a Facebook or Twitter feed.

If you get the official Twitter widget (from Twitter, not us) you can embed that onto a page, in any theme. I believe others have done this with good success (click the embed button in the WYSIWYG and paste the code that Twitter give you). You could pop it into a "Custom" includelet if you wanted to put it into a different column.

(This same trick works to embed video from YouTube, etc)

A similar embeddable widget may exist for Facebook feeds, but we don't provide one.

Regarding the page looking "pretty awful" - I guess there's no accounting for taste! We like it, but if you don't then I guess that's fine. :-)

There is another new responsive theme in the pipeline for release in the next few weeks which has a different look and feel, and more varied colour schemes, and will support the slider. There are currently no plans to add the slider to any of the old themes.


Joe - Voice Admin

4: Re: Facebook feed (response to 3)
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Thanks Joe.