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I was able to change to a 5 Area template on one site but when I tried to make the change for Rothsay Ramblers I can only see a maximum of 2 columns. It would be really useful to have this option to maximise use of the homepage.



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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Robert,

The reason for this is that the number of columns available to a theme is dictated by the theme itself. In general the newer the theme the more regions or columns are available.

If they would like the flexibility of a 5 column layout then the best thing for them to do is to use one of the newer themes. The latest themes are always at the top of the list in the theme selector. I suggest they try out a few from the top of the list to find one that has the flexibility they would like plus a look and feel that suits their site.


Rob Denison.

Cambridge Open Systems' support team

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for this. I will give it a try real soon.

Best wishes