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I set up and have been running the Great Horwood Parish Council website for more than 6 years using an old PC running Windows XP and Office 2003. I have now just bought a new computer. It is an HP All-In-One with touch screen running Windows 8 and Office 2013 and when I try to edit any of the pages on the website none of the existing text etc on that page is displayed ths making it impossible to add to or change the information.

Can you please advise?

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We have recently been alerted to a problem which meant that our WYSIWYG editor didn't work in IE11.

We put a fix onto our sites on Monday which should have fixed this problem. However in some cases users' browsers haven't picked up the change yet.

Often reloading their browser will mean it works fine. However, if problems are still being encountered, users need to delete their Temporary Internet Files and try the service again. This will force their browser to load the newer version of the editor.

To do this, users should carry out the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer 11

2. On the very right-hand side of the browser, click on the gear icon, also called the Tools icon, followed by Safety, and finally Delete browsing history...

Note: If you have the Menu bar enabled, you can instead click Tools and then Delete browsing history....

3. In the Delete Browsing History window that appears, uncheck all options except the one labeled Temporary Internet files and website files.

4. Click the Delete button.

5. The Delete Browsing History window will disappear and you may notice your mouse icon go busy for a few moments.

As soon as your cursor returns to normal, or you notice the "fished deleting" message at the bottom of the screen, consider your temporary Internet files deleted.

These instructions came from here:

Once these steps have been followed please close and reload your browser. From this point the editing functions of the website should work again correctly.

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Problem solved - thank you