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As Administrator and webmaster for our site I have sent out invitations to become members to about twenty persons.

Nine people have joined but since they only appear on the members list under their Screen Names I cannot tell who has accepted and who has not.

Could administrator be given access to real names or am I missing something as a "Newbie".

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Hi Brian,

When designing voice as a platform for any community group we took the decision that it would be a breach of security/confidence to allow administrators to see certain information about users that they weren't necessarily already aware of.

As you can invite a user just with their email address you wouldn't necessarily know their full name so we don't make this easily available.

However, in your case to determine which user is which, you can simply click on the + symbol next to each user and it will show you their email address which you can match to the emails you sent out.


Rob Denison.

Cambridge Open Systems' Support Team

3: Re: Member Identities (response to 2)
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Ah-ha: got it now.

I hadn't tried clicking on the + sign and hadn't come across an explanation as to what it was for.

Many thanks.