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Just a request - will it, at any time, be made possible to change the fonts/size/colour of the main title on individual pages?



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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Jo,

The good news is you can already do this. The title is displayed automatically in a fixed font/size/colour. However, if you'd like to change this for an individual page you can:

  1. Add a title yourself to the top of the page using the CMS as you would when adding content normally.
  2. Further down the form on the same page where you edit the content you'll find the question "Show title in full page view?". If you select "no" then the title you added in step 1 above will be the only title shown.


Rob Denison.

Cambridge Open Systems' Support Team

3: Re: Changing Title Fonts (response to 2)
Posted by josi51 on

Now why didn't I think of that!!


Thanks Rob.