We've had a Latest News includedlet on one of our pages for some time and now there is a large space appeared separating it from the main body text:


Anyone got a solution to this? I've crawled over the settings and tried moving it about to see what happens - the space moves with the includelet.



Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Eileen,

The reason the Latest News Includelet is being displayed with a large gap above it is because it is being shown below the left hand columns elements. This is being caused by our theme css declaring the includelet to "clear: both" which is clashing with a clear in your custom theme in the left hand column.

As it's caused by your custom theme we can't specifically fix this problem for you but I can give you some pointers. Solutions are:

1) Stop using your custom theme. Having tried our built in themes (for example dark tones) the content is displayed correctly

2) Fix the markup in your custom theme. There are 2 ways to do this:

a) You can mark the css class .includelet not to clear (clear: none).

b) You can float the main content div. This would mean the context for the clear on the includelet would stop at the main content and wouldn't clash with your left hand column

I hope this helps.