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Hi Andrew,

I've just taken a look at your website and you appear to have fixed this by correctly removing the http:// from the start of the domain you'd like to use. As a result I think this problem is now resolved. 

Your remaining issue is now to update the DNS settings for your domain such that points to our servers as per the webpage you've used as above.

For further information on how to do this please visit our domain name documentation.

I hope this helps.

The http:// was added by the web page, not me, so I assume is correct.


I cannot get any further.



Sorry, we found some problems with the information you entered. We've highlighted the relevant sections. Please check and resubmit.


Add Domain Name

 Domain Name 


Domain name already in use

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Hi Andrew,

If you look slightly further down the page you'll see that has already been added the last time you filled in the form. 

At this point you need to update your DNS settings as per the document I linked above and the service will automatically start serving your site for that domain.

I hope this helps.

Cambridge Open Systems Support Team