Posted by josi51 on

We have a private area within the site and I would like to put a page in with a link to an external application that we use.  However, a username and password is needed to access the external site.  Is there a way I can 'build in' the u/name & password so that access to the external application is seamless to our users?




Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Jo,

To use an external application link you'd need to organise how to provide a username and password as part of the link you copy into the page in VOICE with the external service provider. It's not something that the VOICE platform can do on it's side because of the nature of how the web works.

So you'll need to speak to the service provider and ask them what provision there is for supplying a username and password with requests. 

I hope that helps but if you have any more questions then please let us know.

Cambridge Open Systems Support Team