Posted by Deltaman on

I am trying, without any sucess, to create a folder with  sub-pages to allow members to add their own personal details. I have tried umpteen times to do this but each time the new page is uneditable to a non-admin member. On previous ocassions there has been no problem but this has cropped up in the past 48 hours.

I have now noticed the same problem with an already established folder that previously worked fine..

Is the fault with eVoice or with my fingers?

Regards Terry

Posted by Voice Admin on

It isn't possible for non-site-admins to edit pages (since that would require them to have access to the admin backend for your site). We have discussed the idea of making the "quick edit" functionality available to specified users (rather than just to admins) though as yet this too isn't possible.

You can, however, set up different users as contributors to the forums/weblog/photo album etc in order for people to be able to contribute to your site without being an administrator.


Joe - Voice Admin