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Have just discovered the photo albums which is great and I'm hoping will save me from having to link to an external site to show our latest pics.

I just have a few queries though:

Firstly, is there an option for multi-selecting photos to upload? I see it is possible to upload a zipped folder of photos, but with the nature of our photo-taking and storage on the computer, it seems like a lot of hassle to select all the photos we'll want to upload and zip them before uploading them to the site. It would be lovely to be able to just ctrl+click on the particular photos that we'd like to add at that time, if possible.

Secondly, is there a way to not show the title of the image file itself? Refer to my above-mentioned laziness and not wanting hassle, but currently I would just transfer photos from camera to computer to website without renaming any of the files. When uploading them here, however, the file name appears above the image itself, so the photos of (for example) a kayaking session will have something like DSCF3513, DSCF3498, etc above them. If it's possible to not have that displayed then it would be fab, especially as it already requests a title for the photo when uploading - it seems daft to have to rename them all on the computer as well.

Also, would it be at all possible to have the option to disable right-clicking on any photo pages, please? I know of course that if someone really wants to save an image then there are a multitude of ways they can go about it, but I'd like to discourage the casual user from saving our pictures.

Finally, on the main photo album page, is there any way to arrange the individual albums into an order of the user's choosing? Currently they are appearing in alphabetical order by album title, but we'd rather like to display them in chronological order, if possible.

Many thanks in advance for your help; I do hope some of this made sense - I really should get out of the habit of doing admin in the wee small hours! =]

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We are aware that the Photo Album is a well used and useful app, but that it could do with a bit of a usability overhaul to make it more friendly.

We've talked (elsewhere on these forums) about some changes around the photo titles, and the ability to upload several without having to Zip them would be beneficial.

Unfortunately I don't think there's anything we could ever do about the right clicking thing, though I'll note you're other suggestions to feed into development of the Photo Album app.

There are already some significant improvements to the layout of photo pages planned as part of some new theme development (though currently the functionality of the app itself is not scheduled to be changed).


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