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Hi Joe et al,


I've set a sub-page up and have needed to change its name, which i have successfully done. However the url hasn't changed and i need it to. How can i do this or should I delete the page and start again?


The page in question is


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Yeah once published a page's URL doesn't usually change, mainly so that anything that links to the page doesn't have to change too, even if you change the page title!

However, you can get the URL to change by unpublishing the page, changing the title, then saving and publishing the page again.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Hi there, 

We are again having the same issue and I found this old question here. The problem is that we are unable to find a way to 'unpublish' a page. How do you unpublish a page and them publish it again? 

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When on the page - the tabs at the top and the Publishing tab, then "Take offline now".

Make the changes and click save or save and publish.