General Support: downloading archived documents from a folder


When using the Download an archive of the contents of this folder option to download all the documents in a folder, it is downloaded as a .tgz which windows can't extract without using third party progams like 7zip.

Is there an option to change the file type it downloads as to a more windows friendly one like a plain old .zip file.

Posted by amunizp on

interesting I have the opposite problem. it default to zip and I find tgz better. 


Posted by Voice Admin on

I believe it should really be using zip these days - as you suggest, barring a few exceptions, zip is more usable by most people.

Can you confirm which sites you are referring to and I'll have a look into why they are behaving differently.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by LiamO on

any news on why they are doing this


Posted by Voice Admin on

I couldn't find any examples of sites where it was already using zip rather than tgz.

However, I have now updated the File Storage app to always use zip files when downloading an archive.

This seems to work well for me in testing, but please do try it out and let me know if you have any problems.


Joe - Voice Admin