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One of our groups Teddington Choral Society has said that the TCS members (private area) tab only appears on her Blackberry but not on another member's iPhone. I know you're working on the new mobile/html 5 templates - is this somehting that can be fixed or would you recommend them moving to a new template when one is available?

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Posted by Voice Admin on

While the mobile experience will certainly be improved once we have the new mobile themes available, it should still work fine on mobiles with the existing themes.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with an iPhone? I only have an Android device to hand so I can't check it right now...


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Sorrel Parsons on

I shouuld have checked with someone else's phone first - I also have an android but not an iPhone - just checked it and it's working fine for my colleague's phone.

I'll get back to the group and ask them to try again, perhaps it was a temporary glitch.

Thanks for the reply Joe.